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What is a "Vet Check or Puppy Physical" ?

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Here at Alabama Toys and Teacups ( www.toysandteacups.com ) we offer a one year genetic health warranty with all of our puppies. (You can view our warranty on the website page: puppy forms) But we do require all new families/customers to get their puppy vet checked by their vet of choice within 48hrs from pick up. When Toys and Teacups ship a puppy using Delta Pet's First Class we also have to have the puppy vet checked/puppy physical before the airline will approve the puppy for shipping. This assures the health of the puppy. This is an exciting and important time in both your life and your new puppies life so we wanted to write this blog to help our families know what to expect when you visit the vet. We understand nobody likes surprises! Here are some of the things to expect when at your vet check and also some pointers to hopefully help along the way. 

Here's what you can expect at your puppy's first vet appointment:

  • An individualized orientation with a veterinarian - to get to know you and your puppy
  • A full physical examination of your puppy
  • Vaccination schedule based on the records Toys and Teacups give you at pick up
  • A fecal test to check for any intestinal parasites - reworming if needed.
  • Guidance on any questions you have concerning your new puppy. 

During the exam, your vet will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your pet's ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, gums, trunk, legs and paws
  • Take a temperature, pulse rate and respiratory rate
  • Check the skin for any sign of disease or parasites
  • Listen for any heart or lung abnormalities
  • Palpate the internal organs 

Average cost of a Vet Check/Puppy Physical: $30.00- $150.00 - Be sure to call and price around before going to a vet clinic - this will save you money.

Pointers for first vet visit from Toys and Teacups:  

What is the number one thing at vet clinics? Sick Dogs. This is why Toys and Teacups stress the importance of keeping your puppy away from other puppies/dogs while visiting the vet for your vet check. Be sure to use your square or rectangle clothes basket lined with a potty pad and stretch a blanket across the top. Unlike pediatricians that have a well section and sick section you are in a waiting room with other families who could be there with dogs who have unknown sickness. Puppies are like new babies everyone wants to touch and hold but always remember we can spread sickness through touch. Puppies like lick and chew so keep all hands out of basket. Hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have in your purse or car.

Once you set up a pick up date with us for your new puppy remember to call your vet clinic and schedule a puppy check/puppy physical. This needs to be scheduled no later than 48hrs from picking up your puppy from Toys and Teacups due to the one year genetic health warranty/48 hr warranty or your warranty will be void. 

Be sure you go prepared to your vet visit: Have shot/worming records and forms that Toys and Teacups provided you at puppy pick up. It is always best to write down questions on a notepad before going to the vet. Take this golden opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have. You will have your vet's full attention, so now is the time to get your questions answered! We try to be available at all times- Feel free to call us with any questions or if your vet has any questions.  (256) 200-0512 toysandteacups@gmail.com

Toys and Teacups Puppy Boutique is where health, temperament & beauty have always been our top priority!

Thank you, 

Merry Melton Hollaway Daniels 


(256) 200-0512